Who am I?

In a nutshell I’m Rainer Daeninck.
Born at the coastline of Belgium where I taught myself to dream. Watching the sea, nature, and stars, I knew I wanted to help others create.
With a degree in industrial design I can make those dreams realisations. When your dreams are realisations I can capture them in pictures so your dream can be showed to the world or kept as memory.


I’ve been passionate about everything automotive photogarphy related for years now. Eventhough i’m most experienced with cars in front of my lens, i’m enthousiastic to handle all kind of photography related creations.


All pictures are availible for printing on a variety of surfaces (fabric, plastic, aluminium, …).


As a product designer I provide your product with a design that is aesthetically attractive and  meets all your requirements. Usability, engineering and beauty can go hand in hand. 

I am experienced in everything from concept generation to 3D CAD design. Thanks to a close relationship with some trusted partners, i offer prototyping or small batch production services.


The visual identity of your product or company is of great importance to convey the values of it to the general public. By extending this identity in all digital and physical publications, you are quickly recognizable everywhere.


Illustration, drawings, sketches, … From line-art to product & concept sketches for all kinds of purposes and media.