Jeff – the space exploring plant pot

Jeff is a state of being. Not simply just a name; A state of existence higher than nirvana.
-Urban Dictionary-

Jeff is the perfect plant pot. He only minds his own business and juist stands around… quietly and calmly. Through the glass visor of his helmet he observes the univers around him without interupting any of it.

The 3D printed base fits around a glass bell jar to protect the precious cargo it will carry and protect. Two water drainage tubes run through the legs to avoid drowning plant. The design of the feet ensure the pot to always be in a stable position. 
The 3D model is fully customizable in order to fit a wide variety of bell jars. A closed bell jar can create a nice microclimate that asks almost no maintenance. An open bell jar can provide oxygen to the plan or be used as an easy way to water a plant.

Currently no Jeffs in stock. When interested, please fill in the contact form and i’ll get in touch as soon as possible.