Fylkir – branding for traditional Scandinavian beer

Fylkir (Old Norse)
From Proto Germanic *fulkijaz, from *fulka.
Meaning chief, king.

Fylkir is a beer based on ancient Scandinavian Viking recipes. By using different herbs and additives, such as honey, the owner of the start-up tries to approach the authentic taste and to bring the northern taste back to the market with the unique taste.

As part of the launch of the new beer, the owner came to me to come up with the name, design the logo and work out some visualisations.The logo’s font is based on the design of ancient Norse runes. This combined with the stylized, geometric viking shows the strong taste of the drink.
In addition to the logo, a minimalist, natural look was chosen in consultation with the customer. This for both the label and for things such as business cards, pads,…

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